Our mission at Cohen Sitter Service is to establish a long lasting relationship between clients and house sitters. House sitters provide both owners and renters with the security of knowing their house and pets will be cared for while they are away. House sitters essentially move into the house while the owners are on vacation or extended leave.

  • Appropriately securing homeowners’ houses at the end of each day, which includes shutting windows, closing curtains or blinds, locking doors, and setting up alarm systems.
  • Performing basic housecleaning duties, which includes mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting as needed.
  • Performing pool maintenance tasks, which includes skimming leaves and debris off the surface, scrubbing the sides of the pool, cleaning out the filter basket, as well as testing and adjusting water chemical levels.
  • Watering indoor plants in accordance with the instructions provided by homeowners.
  • Answering telephone calls, providing information authorized by homeowners, and relaying important information to homeowners.
  • Washing and changing bedding at the end of each house-sitting job.
  • Contacting the appropriate service providers to repair problematic plumbing and air conditioning systems.
  • Caring for homeowners’ pets as required, which includes providing them with food and water, cleaning up after them, and scheduling veterinarian appointments should they fall ill.

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