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  • Pet Sitting

    We offer a FREE meet and greet, to see how compatible our pet sitters are with your animals. It gives you the extra comfortability to ensure you are selecting the right company to take care of your loved ones. Get an upfront quote and an ACTUAL price of what everything is going to cost, after the meet and greet. Please note that any extra requests (ex: medication administration, extended sitting time, etc.) that are added on after the meet and greet will impact the initial quote you are given.

    We offer FREE pictures and updates of your fur babies via text or email, while you are gone, so you can see how well our sitters are getting along with your pets.

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  • Babysitting

    As a sitter, we ensure the highest quality of care for your children. We can plan educational games and sports, and can supervise play dates. We take pride in going above and beyond in our responsibility and for the well-being of your children. At Cohen Sitter Service, get full updates on your children via text message. With our sitters working to provide care for your children, you can plan a date night worry free. Contact us today for a free quote.

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  • Nannying

    The correct term may be nannying, but Cohen Sitter Service likes to call it, rent a mom. We not only watch over the kids, but we’ll take over being mommy! Go ahead and have that glass of wine or relax on a cool beach for awhile, we’ll take over your job! Whether it’s a weekend or a week, we don’t judge. You deserve it.

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  • House Sitting

    With break-ins being at an all time high, don’t risk someone breaking into your house! Hire a house sitter to watch over your house. Have pets? No issues, for a flat rate more, we’ll take care of the animals for you!

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  • Homeschooling

    Homeschooling is a great alternative to traditional schooling. With the pandemic, kids are spending more time inside the house playing games. It’s hard to focus on assignments when the television is playing a funny show. Cohen Sitter Service understands that. With our fun, customizable curriculum, your children will enjoy learning things. We make it a point to have fun, while also teaching children what they need to learn to get ahead. They will learn with music, puzzles, activities, and games.

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